Sep 13, 2012

DIY: bottlecap pins

Time for my first ever DIY: Make your own bottlecap pin (or ring)!

What you'll need: 
  • bottlecap from a glass bottle (when i get the occasional soda, i get the glass bottles. you can also ask someone for their's if they're drinking beer or something in a glass bottle. but this doesnt mean go get a beer for yourself, unless you're of legal age. then you can do whatever you want)
  • a small picture (on computer paper is the best, magazine paper works too)
  • tacky glue (or any kind of concealer glue. like resin i guess?)
  • super glue 
  • hot glue (optional)
  • pinback or ringband (these can be find at michaels or any big crafty store)
  • pencil/pen
  • ribbon/lace (optional)
  • scissors

 1. Get all of your supplies together! (I know realize that I didn't get a picture of all the supplies listed. I apologize.)
 2. Grab your bottlecap, picture, and pencil. Put the bottlecap on top of the picture and trace it.
 3. Cut out the picture on the circle you just drew from the bottlecap.
 4. Get your tacky glue (resin, whatever) and put a layer of glue inside the bottlecap, and then place the picture inside the bottlecap. Make sure you get all the air bubbles out!
 5. Put another layer of concealer/glue/resin on top of the picture. It won't be clear at first but once it starts to dry it will! (Depends on the glue but this step can take up to 2 hours for the glue to fully dry)
6. Now get your super glue and glue the pinback to the back of your bottlecap. (You might want to have it level with the picture so it's easy to put it on later). During this step you can hot glue the ribbon or lace if that's what you're into. If not skip to step 7 now.
7. Now you're done! Go put it on. (The picture in the pin seems smeared and overly shiny, but I promise that's just the lighting)


  1. aw super cute! i've been smashing down the edges with hammers but now that i see yours with the bottle cap ridges still intact, i kinda like it! and the lace was a good idea!

  2. I love this idea !!!! I did but the glue on the back of the capsule did not last long ...
    (Ps : I'm french)

  3. Love ur rocky and Janet example :)


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