Sep 2, 2012

the bad seed

My recent buys and crafts. white tennis sneakers, plaid pants, pleated skirt, yellow western shirt, flower shirt from marjiew, stickers, handmade femme brooches, plaid skirt, 'i'm a girl' patch, beaded purse. All of the clothing is vintage and so is the purse.
girl scout patch from marjiew
 vintage shell belt, little knick knacks 
marjiew's card, note, and surprise gift
Peter Max. Sunrise.
current music obsession



I've been feeling like this all week. I might have a stomach bug...or a tape worm. All I know is that i want it to go away. 
last five photos from tumblr

The Bad Seed (1956) 
(sources: 1, 2)
Lately, I've had tons of inspiration/obsessions. It may be partly because of my fashion design class because we took the first week making collages that influence our style (I can't believe I get grades for making collages. I LOVE it!). Any vintage photos from the 50s and 60s have been a big influence lately as well. I'm starting to realize I like skirt and dresses more than pants. It's probably just because
it's always 90 degrees (it's september the weather is supposed to be nice! T_T)... I know I've been posting a lot this week but I'll be taking a week off from blogging (due to school, theatre, and top secret business). I'm going to go finish watching the Bad Seed (for the 1000th time) and hope I feel less sickly. 


  1. Hey Tessa!!

    Love your blog! You remind me a lot of me when I was in highschool! (I'm only 25 now but highschool seems so long ago!) I have always been obsessed with mod stuff, which is probably why I started selling vintage!

    Have you seen the Virgin Suicides? I'm sure you have.. but your photos kind of remind me of that movie. I love the design aesthetic and how girly it is.

    Anyway thanks for posting my stuff.. glad you liked the gift!! enjoy your junior year, it's pretty fun if I recall.. haha


    1. Yes I love that movie so much!! I'm currently reading the book <3

      The patch & blouse are neat-o! I love them so muchhh

  2. that outfit has moonrisey kindom vibes I live it , it's so amazing ,you're so cool


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