Sep 14, 2012

the ballad of betsey

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Can we just talk about how perfect Betsey Johnson's latest collection is? I love how the collection starts out really bright with complex patterns and then simmers down to these beautiful, pastel, tulle skirts and dresses. And how great are the "betsey" necklaces on each model?? It's just SO PERFECT. And apparently Cydi Lauper sang at the end of the runway show! Now I'm not the biggest Lauper fan but what a great way to end a show. So kudos, Betsey you rock.

On other news: I've been SUPER busy lately do to school (theatre, college history class, advanced physics, blahblahblah) but I've been working on ideas for upcoming/reoccurring posts. So far I've got outfit posts, and diys. Is there anything else that you readers (if I have any)would be interested in? Because I would love to do something that you guys would enjoy as well. If any of you have any ideas/suggestions feel free to leave a comment below!

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  1. The bottlecap DIY was really cool. Do you have anymore fun DIYs?


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