Feb 23, 2014

it's not just fashion, it's art

  flower crown: DIY, jacket: gift from my theatre director, shirt: goodwill/DIY, leggings: Kohls, boots: Buffalo Exchange, "TALK TO THE HAND" pin: UO, other pin: gift
So the German competition went way better than I could ever hope for. My group and I got 2nd place out of the WHOLE STATE of Texas! If that's not awesome, I don't know what is. Especially since that was the first short film I have ever worked on. Another plus is that all the judges loved the costumes (which I was in charge of)!!!! My valentine from the lovely, Caelan, finally came in the mail. It's probably the cutest/sweetest valentine I've ever received. Thank you so much, bb! My sister and I decided to buy all of the Wes Anderson pins from my amazing bosses, The Pulp Girls, and it was probably the best decision of my life. Above is my favorite one of Steve Zissou and you crazy cats will being seeing the rest of them scattered in my posts to come. So have I ever mentioned how AMAZING my bosses @ThePulpZine are? Because they are. When we bought the Anderson pins they also sent me a sticker set based off of me! What? No way! YES WAY! They are just so perfect in every way and I want to stick them all over my face so the whole world can see them.

Recent journal entries. It's been a while since I took the time to actually write and college and color, and it felt so good when I opened my journal back up. I'm sad though...my journal of two years is almost filled up! (I've never understood people who fill a whole journal up in a month- there's just no way)

I don't know if you've ever been able to tell, but I really love fashion (lol no really?). I've been obsessing over all the new Ready-To-Wear collections and I've finally found my top two favorites. Moschino's FRTW and Meadham Kirchhoff's FRTW are absolutely PERFECT. When I first saw these two collections I literally screamed aloud, gasped, and cried a little bit. Moschino's take on junk food through fashion is freaking genius and leaves you wanting more (almost the same feeling as when you finish a cheeseburger and you're still hungry). From their red and yellow combos to their happy meal purses- you can't go wrong with Moschino's FRTW.
I discovered Meadham Kirchhoff about a year ago through Rookie and I've been fascinated with the brand since. Although it's clothing, I feel like the two partners are creating more than that when you see it flow down the runway. It's not just fashion, it's art, and this FRTW collection left me with my jaw to the floor and a yearning for their crazy combos. Once again, Meadham Kirchhoff over delivers with a flourish of colors and feeling of nostalgia.
(I would literally do anything for these two outfits)
all images from Style.com (Meadham Kirchhoff, Moschino)

Feb 17, 2014

ch-ch-changes turn and face the stranger

Hello my lovelies! I just spent the entire weekend in Austin and San Marcos(touring Texas State University) and OH MY GODZILLA- it was like a dream. It was so fun and wonderful with the perfect weather and perfect people. On Friday, Valentine's Day, I got to spend the afternoon with Elyssa! We ended up going to our favorite shops on North Loop and eating tasty burgers at Top Notch (part of Dazed & Confused was shot there!). 
flower crown: DIY, sunglasses: ebay, top: Forever21, necklace: Forever21, belt: vintage/gift, skirt: Goodwill/DIY

Elyssa ended up getting this super cute floral/fruit skirt! I ended up getting a funky wooden necklace which I'll be showing you cool cats later this week! I have to cut this post short today, because I'm in the middle of scholarship essays and a Pulp Zine collab with Candy about The Who (which I'm super excited about btw). Any who I hope you all are having a great-o week and crying over all the 2014 Spring Couture collections like I am. But before I leave enjoy this AWESOME Wes Anderson playlist by thebigmeowski:

Feb 10, 2014

platonic 4ever

flower crown: DIY, jacket: sister's closet, blouse: Etsy/DIY(used to be a jumpsuit but fit really weird), pants: thrifted, shoes: Golden Ponies, necklace: Halloween store

I REALLY wanted to take photos of this outfit outside, but it's super cold and rainy...

I've been super tired lately due to school. It drives me nuts because I just sit all day in my classes and hardly do anything, but yet I'm still so tired??? On the bright side I'm going to San Marcos to visit Texas State and also Austin this weekend (which I am SUPER stoked because I'm most likely going to see Elyssa awww yiss). So even though I'm rotting in my classes all this week it's totally worth it. EEEEE Valentine's Day is almost here, guys! Don't get me wrong I feel left out when I see cutesy couples smooching and getting each other stupid presents and chocolate. BUT I have amazing friends and parents and I'd rather spend that day with them then a hot boy any day (well...it depends on the hot boy...). I'm very excited for this holiday, because it's AWESOME, it's my third favorite holiday ever, I'll be in Austin, and the outfit I have picked out is FLAWLESS. I hope all of you are looking forward to it as much as I am.

 (I have NO IDEA what's going on with my eye in this...)
I'm almost done redecorating my walls, and I'm super pleased with the outcome thus far.
I'm working on valentines for all of my friends! This one says "platonic 4ever" and it's my favorite so far. Others I've made say things like "i dont hate you" "ur not that fat" "okay for a human" and of course there is a handful of inside jokes and what not. If any of you cool cats want a late valentine (that lives in the USA) e-mail at surfinusa79@gmail.com and I'll send ya one!
 Archie hot wheels truck: late Christmas present, WHATEVER heart patch: Dark Moon Boutique, Divine and CUTE pins: Dreemland 
Late Christmas gifts from the amazing Saffa! She also sent me a super cute, velvet crop top and glitter nail polish (not pictured above). 
I got a lovely package from Adele a few weeks ago. She sent the cutest cut-outs, stickers, and COOLEST sunglasses ever!!! I can't wait to send her stuff back~

Neko Case is responsible for my new favorite song and total bitch anthem.