Feb 17, 2014

ch-ch-changes turn and face the stranger

Hello my lovelies! I just spent the entire weekend in Austin and San Marcos(touring Texas State University) and OH MY GODZILLA- it was like a dream. It was so fun and wonderful with the perfect weather and perfect people. On Friday, Valentine's Day, I got to spend the afternoon with Elyssa! We ended up going to our favorite shops on North Loop and eating tasty burgers at Top Notch (part of Dazed & Confused was shot there!). 
flower crown: DIY, sunglasses: ebay, top: Forever21, necklace: Forever21, belt: vintage/gift, skirt: Goodwill/DIY

Elyssa ended up getting this super cute floral/fruit skirt! I ended up getting a funky wooden necklace which I'll be showing you cool cats later this week! I have to cut this post short today, because I'm in the middle of scholarship essays and a Pulp Zine collab with Candy about The Who (which I'm super excited about btw). Any who I hope you all are having a great-o week and crying over all the 2014 Spring Couture collections like I am. But before I leave enjoy this AWESOME Wes Anderson playlist by thebigmeowski:


  1. Love that skirt! You guys seriously have the best thrift shops.
    <a href="www.pforpearl.blogspot.com'>P for Pearl</a>

  2. Ahhh, what a cute outfit! And the photo of all those salt and pepper shakers is adorable.

  3. as always, you look like the raddest chick because you are the raddest chick <3

  4. both of your outfits looks super cute!
    also crushing on the vintage salt and pepper shakers <3
    everything looks amazing in there

  5. In love with your outfit, especially that skirt <3 can't wait for that collab!


  6. Տtunning story there. WҺhat happened after? Take care!

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  7. dear Tessa, it has been a year since I last visited your blog and I'm ashamed to admit that... BUT it was such a surprise to re-discover your blog again! I don't know why I didn't visit your blog anymore, but I'm happy that I've found it again. The last few weeks, I've been struggling with "life". I was stuck between people who wanted me to be a grown-up and my own desires of still wanting to be a dreamy, magical teenager (which I am, actually, I'm only 19!). I have to say, your blog helped me with my decision. I decided I want to stay in my magical dreamland and people who want me to be the perfect and independent grown-up can suck it! Your blog inspired me to dress magical and girly again, with flower crowns and skirts with goofy and lovely prints. So I wanted to thank you for that. You may not know it, but you're a true inspiration for some people out here :)

    btw this time I won't forget your blog!!!!!!!!!

    1. Hi Fleur!

      It's okay you forgot my blog for awhile. I know what that feels like so it's no big deal at all! There's more to life than blogs haha! I just want you to know I really love this comment and thank you so much. It's super sweet and gives me reassurance in my blog. You rock girl!


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