Feb 3, 2013

shell art is dead

Hello all! I have been in such a grand mood, and I hope everyone else has as well. Within the past weeks I've been recording a bunch of music, had my first ever interview (thanks again, Essine!), and I have begun to write a script (it's going to be about a teenage girl, Astrid, who lives in the 1960's. She's very normal, except she loves the Gilded/Victorian Ages. Everyone thinks she's a freak because of it, so she decides to runaway. The remainder of the story is her finding her purpose in life, and all the strange situations and people she meets along the way). Lately, I've been discovering some really great music and people. I've always loved Portlandia, but I've been into it more than usual. (since netflix has added season two and there are new episodes on IFC) Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen make a perfect team, and the fact that Kyle Mclaughlin (DALE COOPER) plays the mayor makes the show even better. I'm starting to think that this show is loosely based off my life. And have I mentioned how amazing Carrie Brownstein is??? She is definitely on my 'idols' list. 

I've recently discovered the band: SUPERCUTE! and they're named that for a reason. The band of three are adorable, amazing, and just perfect. They play the ukelele, sing, and dress amazing- what more do you need? It was unexpected, but most of their music is very relatable, and their covers are beautifully done. If you dig RookieMag you'll definitely dig these girls.

(source: tumblr)
Say hello to my DREAM  HOME. Just recently I've been totally obsessed with bright, retro, 1960s/70s colors. The hue of each color isn't too neon and isn't too pastel- so basically, they're perfect. *gross sobbing* Below are some photos of recent purchases/gifts. eat dirt clip & ice cream badge: yippywippy, american flag button-up: forever21, vest: gift, THE BEST JACKET IN THE WORLD: forever21
Have a great week,



  1. Those home interior pics are wonderfully bonkers...x

  2. :o you got some things from yippywhippy! I love their stuff. and those room pics are so cool

  3. Eat dirt is such a bitchy thing to say..

    XX Domenic



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