Dec 14, 2014

salad days

What's up, fellow humans!
Today I had so much fun being a part of Pop Shop Houston's last Mini Pops event of the year. The whole day was filled with warm weather, cool dudes, good jams, and amazing stuff for sale. As usual, I had vintage clothing and handicrafts for sale- and to my surprise everything was a big hit today! Which is amazing on soooo many levels. But now I have to force myself not to buy anything no matter how much I might need it (I don't need it, but I do). 
Oh my gosh, you guys... Christmas is almost here!!!!! Althought it's been a nasty, humid 70 degrees lately, I am so so so pumped for the holidays. I literally love everything about them, and I feel like I'm going to explode (in a good way) just thinking about it.
On a side note, I had an interview at Langford Market so fingers crossed that I get the job. I find out tomorrow! Also, I am finally home from college. So that means I will be posting more on here, expanding the Mad Mod Shop, and much more good things! Not going to lie, I'm going to miss a lot of amazing things about the college life I experienced, but sometimes you have to make sacrifices sometimes. It's totally okay to put yourself before other people (as long as you don't make a habit of it)!
DIY headband
thrifted Top Shop crop top
thrifted mom jeans
gifted belt
Old Navy necklace
Kate Spade, Betsey Johnson, & thrifted bracelets
The perfect playlist to jam out to for literally everything (and also going through this post hehehe).
photography by Damon Fullington & Cass Tooke


  1. I'm glad the pop up shop was such a big hit! especially since you always put so much effort into the presentation of your stalls (and the quality of the clothes and accessories you sell but that goes without saying). I can't believe it's so hot still in America that you can wear crop tops and jeans but you're rocking the mom jeans!

    1. I'm glad it was a hit, too! You would love these events soooo much. I can't believe the weather either! I want to wear my sweaters!

  2. Helll yeah Mac Demarco! Love him :) Your stall looks rad, no wonder it was a hit!


  3. you all look so awesome- love ur blog

  4. oh wow, perfect!!! you really rock these pants!! and your friend looks awesome too! and so does pretty much everything in that stall lol x3

    dresses-and-travels //@susandollparts

  5. oh my gosh you look so cute! neat shop! <3

  6. I'm glad your stall was such a big hit! If I was a bit closer i'd probably be in there looking for stuff to buy all the time. That necklace is super cute too.


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