Aug 27, 2013

"she lives in the place in the side of our lives where nothing is ever put straight,"

 hat: vintage, blouse: JCPenny, vest: thrifted, blazer: idek I've have it forever, jeans: UO (similar), leg warmers: gift, shoes: UO (similar), bolo tie: Dad's, "Hot Mess" pin: UO
My outfit today was inspired by Pretty in Pink, because I've been watching that movie almost every night this week, and I just want a Duckie Dale in my life. That movie gives me so much reassurance for school even though it's fictional. I can identify with Andie (and Duckie) soooo much, and I know that's what John Hughes was hoping for when he wrote the script and characters. And have I ever mentioned how FABULOUS that soundtrack is?! It's just so great, any the title of this post is lyrics from the Psychedelic Furs' song Pretty in Pink. Eighties new wave music is so great, and it's really helped me get that back to school positivity flowing in my veins. I apologize for all of the selfies in this post, but I just felt so photogenic and pretty today so whatever~ ALSO I did not wear my hat to school, contrary to every high school movie ever made, you can't wear hats at high school (at least in America unless it's part of uniform).
 One of my amazing theatre teachers got me this pop-art clutch for my birthday!! Grandma brooch: Goodwill, misc pinbacks: Etsy
I've been inspired to make a Ryan Gosling shrine, because Cass got me the AMAZING Feminist Ryan Gosling book, and made me a perfect prayer candle with lots of little Rygosling's mod podge on it. 
So a while ago, I mentioned I was going to be a part of the Do Not Enter Diaries, and here's my finished video! Unfortunately the camera I used was being a total butthole so it's mediocre quality, but I'm proud nevertheless. And next week Lindsay's video is going up so stay tuned for that! In the meantime I seriously recommend watching the other teenagers @DNED, because all of the rooms and stories are truly amazing.
So today was my second day of my senior year in high school, and it's not too bad! I'm mostly in level classes so the work won't over stress me like it did last year, plus I can concentrate more on college, AP German IV, and French. Tomorrow I'm trying out for the school play, and at first I wasn't excited at all. But then I found out it was going to be a melodrama, and I am a SUCKER for that genre. Hopefully I'll get a part, but if I don't it's no big deal. I will be more than happy to be in crew. 
On the last note, a super amazing site has asked me to make a post about their new collection, so look forward to that (because I sure am)!
How's school going for everyone else?


  1. Love the Pretty and Pink inspired outfit I've been watching that movie over and over this summer. Andie is the perfect smart student/misfit with the coolest style. Ryan Gosling is a total babe (have you've seen him in Drive? hubbahubba)Hope school keeps going well for you, its going okay for me. Oooh are you going to model the collection?

  2. you look so rad ahh it's killing me! 80's new wave is killer <3 and your room! is SO! COOL! WOW!
    at my school we can wear hats but we have to take them off for the national anthem.
    break a leg at auditions tomorrow! :) and ooh! I'm so excited to see the post you mentioned!

  3. I'm in love with you and I'm dying to recreate duckie's outfit. AND YOUR VOICE IS SO BEAUTIFUL I'VE NEVER HEARD YOU SPEAK BEFORE! WHY ARE YOU SO PERFECT??????? I'M IN LOVE WITH YOU WOW

  4. that ghost waistcoat is amazing AND YOU MAKE AN EXCELLENT DUCKIE <3


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