Aug 25, 2013

s'more of what?

top: garage sale, necklace: Etsy, shorts: DIY'd, socks: Target, shoes: Doc Martens
As you can tell from the pictures above, I've gotten a new haircut! It's the same, but different (if that makes any sense), and I'm just really happy with it. PLUS it looks even more amazing when it's a curly jungle. I told my hairdresser/good old pal I wanted a mix between Wanda from Cry Baby, Pattie Boyd, and Lady Gaga, and she couldn't have done a better job! (and I also got some new detangle spray woohoo)
I'm feeling really strange today, because it's the last day of summer. The only thing I regret this past summer is that I didn't go to the beach or do anything along the lines of college planning. I know everything will be falling into place (because that's how the universe works), so I'm not too worried about anything. Since it's the last day before school starts, I've tried to keep stress-free and for most of the day I was successful- plus it was well overdue. The more I think about it I'm sort of okay with school starting back, because that just means I'm one year closer to actually starting my life! (aka college, moving out, scary adult stuff) I'd love to know everyone's thoughts on back to school, too. Feel free to drop a comment about what you're looking forward to and what you're dreading for school this year (It's totally okay if there's more dreading, because I'm right there with you). I watched Pretty in Pink last night, and it was so inspiring (like it always is), and hopefully I'll find my Duckie and Blaine this year (and maybe even go to prom what whaaat)! I've pulled together some photos and tunes that are perfect for those final summer days- so enjoy~
from Maya's tumblr

Last night I went to the Funny Or Die Oddball Comedy Tour with my dad, and it was soooo amazing!! My favorites were Kristen Schaal, Demetri Martin, and Flight of the Conchords. Usually I don't wear t-shirts, let alone pay $30 for one, but I couldn't pass up this PERFECT FOTC shirt!
Hot Summer Fun | The Pulp Zine

Eryn the garden gnome
everything above is either vintage or thrifted (except for the kitty purse)
My mom and I made s'mores as an "official" end of summer thing.


  1. I recently stumbled upon your blog, and oh goodness, I must say that I adore those shorts!

    I'm starting my first day of college tomorrow, and I'm a whole mix of emotions right now. I'm looking forward to getting more involved with my interests, but a significant part of me is petrified! I just don't know what to expect, and with that, I'm a bit apprehensive. Best of luck to you with your last year of high school and with college planning! :)

  2. Oh gosh, those shorts are so adorable!!! And that Flight of the Conchords shirt is amaaaaaazing.
    Well, I'm in the middle of the 'school' year trying to finish my thesis and I've kind of lost all enthusiasm for it right now. I still live at home nearly ten years after I finished high school! Haha. I don't really feel much like an adult ;) Good luck with your last year of school! :)

  3. yesss summer photos <3 your watermelon shorts ROCKS

  4. your hair looks terrific! and that flight of the conchords shirt is the best! I hope you have a great first day! :)

  5. Flight of the Concords is the best!!
    I like back-to-school for meeting new teachers (but often disappointed) and for the school supplies. I hate it when your friends come back from summer and they have changed and you don't get along like before.
    Have fun this year!

  6. I love your DIY shorts, they're the best
    and that's such an amazing shirt/ combination of Flight of the Conchords referencing David Bowie <3

  7. Your hair looks amazing. I have the same FOTC shirt from their shows in New Zealand. Seeing Demetri Martin live would be awesome.

  8. this is the most awesome outfit ever! also I really like your room.Also loving your blog title, hope you check out my blog xx

  9. Your watermelon shorts are everything.

    There's a pair of watermelon dungarees on etsy I am in love with but they are sooo expensive so I basically just stare at them sadly in the hope that they will crawl out of my laptop and fuse to my body. Like an adorable fashion themed remake of the Ring.

    Back to school (university in my case) stuff is pretty scary but I am trying to persuade myself it is the good kind of scary. Trying to positive brain wash myself y'kno? And I hope your last year of school is super duper! Too optimistic? I guess that's the positive brain washing talking lol :s

    Hope you're having an awesome day :D




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