Aug 20, 2013

star dream girl

It's like one big scary countdown is happening. School starts a week from today, and I don't know if I'm ready. Whenever I start thinking about it I get these weird butterflies in my stomach, and it almost feels like I'm excited for school to start. Wait, I'm I excited for school to start??? I mean, maybe since I'm going to be a senior things will be different (no, probably not). Whether this feeling is good or bad, I just need to take a deep breath and suck it up. It seems hard right now, but I've always been able to get through it before. On the bright side I got to get lots of cute new notebooks, folders, and other *school essentials.* Since it's the last week of summer I feel like I NEED TO DO SOMETHING that's a generic-last-days-of-summer-hurrah event, but I have no idea what to do. I get to go to Goodwill tomorrow so send good thrifting juju my way! 

Here's a song I wrote about how much I'm looking forward to school (can you feel the sarcasm?). I'm actually really proud of this song, because of all the vocal tracks I ended up doing. I would seriously love feedback about this whether it's on here or soundcloud! (plz & thank u luv u guys)
---Okay so I finally saw Blue Velvet, and wow, what a good movie. It's really odd (but it's David Lynch, c'mon), but it's visually beautifully and the music is top notch. I don't know what it is about David Lynch's films and music (YEAH HE MAKES MUSIC- beautiful music), but it gives me this weird feeling of nostalgia- almost like I'm trapped inside a dream. Before school starts up I plan on watching at least two more of his films (preferably Eraserhead & Mulholland Drive).

 Say hello to the COOLEST BAGS EVER, and only $17 for both!
LOTS of new pins! most are gifts, but the Tina Belcher, John Waters, and Maurice Moss pins are from Kreepshow Kouture
 I am totally IN LOVE with the Etsy shop, MrIdahosVintage, not only is everything fairly priced but it's all in great condition and SUPER cute! I highly recommend her shop, because it's super fast shipping, amazing customer service, and seriously great deals. I got the floral dress and teal dress from there, jacket is from goodwill.
My amazing sister got me the Twin Peaks sweatshirt I wanted!! It's the comfiest thing ever, and I can't wait to live in it during the winter. Also, my friend Lindsay and I hung out today (because she's going back to college tomorrow -aw sad face-), and she gave me the best presents ever! The Graduate record, English to French dictionary (I'm taking French this year), and PRETTY IN PINK ON DVD. She also gave me the cutest black and white checkered skort, but I forgot to take a picture of it. Oops.

Any-who, less about me, how has everyone's week been? 


  1. that song is fab! oh wow i do not miss high school one bit... hang in there tessa!

  2. I'll send you good thrifting vibes if you send me some too! I'm also scared/excited for school to start. I'm gonna be a senior and I'm thinking it may be awesome but i dunnooo! LOVE everything you got especially the tina/moss pins and can that adorable cat purse fit a huge binder?

    1. The cat purse is a little bigger than a folder, so I think a binder would fit!

  3. I love the song you wrote (it's so hypnotising, if the makes sense) - your very talented!

  4. Mulholland Drive is an amazing film! It really weirded me about but that's David Lynch for you. I love that Morris badge. Richard Ayoade is too brilliant. I don't go back for another month but hope you have a great last week of Summer


    also yes watch Eraserhead it is so good and freaky I love it!!

  6. WHY DO YOU NOT LIVE CLOSE TO ME DANGIT that graduate record i am DYING and i totally want that twin peaks sweatershirt omfg for your last week you need to make smores and stay up to see the sunrise!!! and TAKE MANY PHOTOS i demand it xo

  7. The songs=so SO good!! Love them..and awesome new clothes and badges!

  8. omg your music is so great!!! Wow!

  9. Omg I am so impressed with your song it is so humorous and perfect!! Keep making more!

  10. ahhh school! I know what you mean, I'm kind of excited for maybe the first week of the school year, but then after that I'd be cool not to go anymore. the whole 'back to school' thing is fun for maybe the week before school starts but when you get there you're like 'uhm no'. I love those cat bags, they're so sweet! have a great first day! :D

  11. I really love the song! Wow. It's great :D I wish I could write music...well, I just wish I had the enthusiasm to try, I guess. Keep writing!


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