Oct 15, 2013

meet me at the cemetery

bow: Payless Shoes, jacket: thrifted/DIY, top: thrifted, necklace: Kohl's, skirt: Mom's, tights: Forever21, shoes: DSW (btw I look so squinty/bitchface in these photos because it was awkwardly sunny, and my allergies will be the death of me)
I can't even put together proper sentences to describe how excited I am for Halloween. I'm slowly getting into the October feels (even though the month is halfway over). I started pulling decorations out for my Halloween party this weekend, and all of a sudden I AM SO PUMPED I always forget just how much I love October and the (second) best holiday ever. My dad got a projector so we plan on watching the Rocky Horror Picture Show outside on a big sheet and I AM SO EXCITED. My theatre teacher gave me a bunch of Halloween fabric (because she was going to THROW IT AWAY!!!), and I decided to make a skirt out of some of the fabric- so keep an eye out for that! Another thing great about this month is that you can eat ALL the candy you want, and can't be judged. 
Okay, some of my favorite blogger babes are always in the Halloween spirit, and I just love them to death because of it. 
Spookypuke is probably my biggest creepy-crawly inspiration ever. I mean look at her- she is the living, breathing Halloween!
Throughout the month I plan to talk about more blogger babes, and LOTS more inspiration. For now enjoy this spotify playlist I CAN'T stop listening to! 


  1. great outfit/Halloween vibes! I'm excited too I hear joann sells the best halloween fabric. I better cop me summm


  2. you look super rad as always. I love the inspiration too...Halloween is my favourite!xx


  3. This is an epic outfit and the Halloween vibes are amazing. You're so rad!

  4. i wanna come to your halloween party!!! what are you being this year, or is it a secret (i respect a good secret costume)? xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

    1. I WISH YOU COULD COME. </3 I'm going to be Gilly from Saturday Night Live! ♥️♥️♥️

  5. i wish Australia celebrated Halloween properly.
    you look amazing by the way.

  6. I love to read your blog issue. it is so colorful and full of kawaii fashion.

    xoxo from JAPAN

  7. dude I love you so much it hurts !


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