Oct 27, 2013

it's just a perfect day, i'm glad i spent it with you

headband: handmade, dress: UO, leggings: Miracle Eye, shoes: Doc Martens, belt: vintage
So instead of going to the football game this Saturday some friends and I decided to take photos in the woods next to my house. I'm so happy with these photos, because they just have really great fall vibes and the sun piercing through the trees is just freakin' beautiful. I'm kind of in love with the dress I'm wearing for a million reasons. I bought it on clearance from Urban Outfitters for $10, and it's probably the most versatile, comfiest dress I have ever owned in my entire life. Annnnnd the shoulders are cut out and I just think that is too cool. Ugh, the weather has been so perfect lately. The hottest it's been is 75(F), and I wish it would be like this all year round. 

If you haven't heard, Lou Reed died today... It's really bummed me out today, because he was such a legend, and has brought me so much inspiration through writing and music. Unfortunately, there's not much we can do except continuing listening to his flawless music and share it with the world, because that's what he would want.


  1. He certainly will be missed. Well now that he's in Heaven (or Hell) I hope he and Amy Winehouse make a duet together :)
    Anyway, you look rad and for some reason, I find the background appealing^^ x

  2. the scenery reminds me of twin peaks ;> your outfit is amazing!
    i'm also sad about Lou Reed...i have a huge respect for him.

    weirdoland - pigeongray.blogspot.com


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