Oct 20, 2013

holy bat skirt, batman!

 jacket: Kohl's, top: vintage, bat-tie: DIY/seasonal aisle @Walgreens, skirt: handmade, tights: ???, shoes: Forever21
I'm totally in love/proud of this bat skirt I made! My theatre teacher was getting rid of a bunch of fabric, and I found this beauty peaking out along with a few other Halloween fabrics. I made the skirt based off of another one I've made, so it's a little janky, but there's nothing safety pins cannot fix! Unfortunately the blue/purple has almost completely faded in my hair, but that just means I can apply at some jobs now (most places in the country aren't fans of "fake" colored hair apparently). So far I plan on applying to Starbucks, because that's the only place I know of near me that's hiring (with the age requirement at 16). I don't really want to work there, but I need a job besides my antique booth, and yeahhh. But there's nothing more in life that I want more in this world then to GRADUATE ALREADY. I'm 1000% done with high school, and I want to start my life already. I know when I get out it will be a lot more difficult, but in all honestly, it's worth it. What do you guys do to get past your school days blues?
GUYS IT IS FINALLY FEELING LIKE OCTOBER. The weather is cooling off, it's been sprinkling all day, and the sun isn't out. I have never been so excited for weather in my life, and I can really get into the spooky spirit now.
collage by me, pictures from tumblr/unknown
I had a Halloween party with some lovely friends this weekend (where I was Gilly from SNL)! Look for the rest of the photos on The Pulp Zine sometime soon ;-)
Just some really nice October vibe photos by Damon.

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