Jan 18, 2014

all dressed up and nowhere to go: Paul Fredrick

dress shirts and ties from the Paul Fredrick's spring collection
I don't think I've ever mentioned this on my blog, but I really love men's fashion. For the most part, it's always super sleek, simple, and freakin' fantastic. My favorite part about men's fashion is the dress shirt and tie. Even though it's most common with men, it looks amazing on anyone. I absolutely adore collared tops, and Paul Fredrick's new collection of dress shirts has put me in awe. Not only are their button-ups flawless, but you can't forget their amazing ties! It would be sacrilegious to get one and not the other, because all of the prints and colors flow so well together. As most of you can tell, I really love clashing patterns, and Paul Fredrick's collection just happens to have that with their new spring line. Below is an inspired look from the collection I put together. I wore one of my dad's funky ties with a boat-blueprint-button up, and of course a bright flower crown to embrace the red hues in the tie. 
flower crown: DIY, tie: dad's, shirt: thrifted

Below is some of my favorite pieces from Paul Fredrick's new collection. They remind me of Wes Anderson films because of the kitschy patterns and coordinating colors. Couldn't you see one of the Wilson brothers wear one of these pieces? The ones that remind me most of Wes are the blue and white striped one with the whale print tie. I mean, c'mon, you can't tell me that's not a perfect combination!
Really and truly, the tie is the perfect accessory. Not only can it be worn around your neck as the traditional style, but it can also be worn as a headband (I mean look at Rosie the Riveter), a belt, and so much more. On top of everything, it's super mod, and they don't call me the Mad Mod for nothing! I hardly wear ties, but Paul Fredrick's collection is pushing me into that direction. Can you imagine how cute a men's dress shirt, tie and skin tight mini skirt would look? Let's just say it'd probably be the cutest thing ever (I'm I right?). I've come to realize that some of my favorite magazines and women have rocked the menswear look, and I must say, they look Gone With The Wind fabulous. Below are all of my favorite photos of women in menswear, and let me know what you think!
 TwiggyJanelle MonaeLIFELucille Ball, Annie Lennox, Janelle Monae (again because she's perfect)

If you liked what you've seen, check out even more amazing dress shirts and ties at Paul Frederick's website.


  1. I've been really into men's wear lately too, haha! I really like that bow thing Janelle Monae is wearing. Does anyone know if there's a name for those?

    1. I'm almost positive it's called a pussy bow! (but I could be wrong)

    2. Cool! I'll look into that. I've seen boys wearing them too, so I wonder if they get a different name? They look nice on everyone regardless of gender anyways. Thanks!

  2. wow I didn't know you liked menswear but it is cool and of course clashing prints are the way to go <3

  3. this is so awesome and menswear is fabulous <3 <3


  4. ohhh i'm so glad that you posted annie lennox photo!
    you look fantastic and the flower crown looks great next to the shirt!



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