May 10, 2013

i don't know what's regular: a collaboration with Warby Parker

Warby Parker is an amazing online store that sells vintage styled glasses frames for men and women. If you could imagine all of your favorite eyewear trends in one place, that place would be Warby. Kaki, the fashion coordinator for the company, has been ever-so kind and has written an excerpt over old hollywood fashion, accessories, and lifestyle. While I snapped some pictures to complete this post. I've been waiting to put this up for a while, and I'm super stoked that it's finally done- I hope you all enjoy what Kaki and I have done! And while you're at it check out their website and cry over all the perfection. [photo source]

Accessing the Elegance of Old Hollywood 
In the world of fashion, occasionally, a look back brings vintage style to the top of the must-have list. This year, vintage fashions reminiscent of the golden age of Hollywood have hit the runway, and every fashionista simply must sport some of these elegant looks from days gone by.
Vintage Fashion
The styles of actresses from yesteryear are taking the fashion world by storm yet again, and these looks are amazingly simple to recreate. Of course, you’ll need a few basics. A pair of slim, black trousers is an absolute must for every woman’s wardrobe, as is the little black dress. For a business casual vintage look, pair a fitted, white button-down shirt with the trousers and add a colorful neck scarf in the style of Audrey Hepburn. If you prefer more color and sparkle, exchange the white top with a colored button-down blouse that features a jeweled color. For a vintage look appropriate for elegant dining, use that little black dress and accessorize.
 scarf: vintage, top: thrifted, pants: vintage, belt: forever21
necklace: mom's/vintage, black dress: thrifted/mom's
Vintage Accessories
Vintage accessories are easy to find, and many are fairly inexpensive to acquire. Look for antique brooches and other jewelry at secondhand stores and estate sales, or get permission to sort through the jewelry box of one of your older female relatives. Dress up a little black dress or other vintage fashion with a classic strand of pearls, or add more sparkle with a vintage-style bib necklace. Fabulous footwear for vintage looks includes a pair of kitten heels in muted or jewel tones. Don’t forget your eyewear! Select a dark pair of large, Oakwood sunglasses from Warby Parker’s Hayworth Collection to emphasize your glamorous Hollywood style.
brooches: vintage/gifts

vintage necklace: mom's
Vintage Lifestyle
Of course, popular vintage looks this year reach far beyond clothing and accessories. Looks from the golden age of Hollywood can also be found in décor and home design. Don’t stop at sporting chic vintage looks with your attire. Surround yourself with luxury from days gone by with art deco styles in home design. Brighten your living space with long, straight drapes hung high above windows. Replace overstuffed and heavy furniture with pieces reminiscent of a mid-twentieth century modern style.
Vintage designs have returned to the fashion world, and the luxurious glamour of old Hollywood can be yours. Without sacrificing the conveniences of this century, you can follow these few tips to surround yourself with elegance.
dress, earrings, shoes, phone, LIFE magazine, smith-corona typewriter, 1970s telephone

[captions and photos by Ariel E. and myself, article by Kaki]


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