May 26, 2013

i don't want to be afraid i want to take you on

an outtake of the photos I took in Austin. The rest will be on the Pulp Zine by the end of the month, because I'm a part of the staff now!!! Below are random photos from the past week and a half or just inspiration. I've been swamped with school work and new episodes of Arrested Development (GOD BLESS NETFLIX). I have finals the next two weeks and then I WILL BE FREE (until late August). There will be more blog posts soon have no fear!
 my twin on a vintage valentine card (via tumblr)
Edit: outline for Melissa Ice cream heels (my b!)
blouse: thrifted, sweater vest: vintage, skirt: thrifted, tights: forever21, 
socks: halloween store, boots: thrifted

my tumblr archive
 the pulp girls archive
 Megan Draper 

this summer I'm probably going to live off of coca-cola and popsicles


  1. Your style is so unique - I love it! And you seem to have such a fantastic vintage collection. I'd love to see more from it!

  2. A cropped denim jacket? *o* perfection!!! Your style is on point!

  3. the ice cream cone heels are not prada, but actually a karl lagerfeld collaboration with brazilian shoe company melissa. they've already been released but i don't know where they may be available outside of the melissa store.

  4. why, why are you so perfect.
    i love this post, all the photos and your amazing outfits! this denim jacket, huhh <3

    [my weirdoland -]

  5. I gotta have that drippy ink jacket<3 coolest ever. your newest follower~~

  6. I'm allergic to adorableness- of which, your blog has heaps <3

  7. hey! it's great to see another mod! Hi from London :) love your blog and your style. That sweater vest is too amazing

    Aida xx


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