Dec 1, 2013

seeing double vol.1

hat: Replay/vintage, jacket: Kohl's, top: Urban Outfitters, purse: thrifted (for $1!!), pants: vintage, shoes: DSW
I read a lot of amazing blogs, and I've always noticed cute posts with the writers' friends. Bloggers' friends always dress so cute, and I thought I would hop on this groovy bandwagon (is it really a bandwagon thing though? Idk I can't think of what else to call it). Anyways, "Seeing Double" is going to be pieces I want to start adding every now and then (maybe a monthly thing) of my bad ass friends and their bad ass wardrobes. The person I picked was Cass, because as you can tell below, she knows how to put herself together. Whenever we go out and about town she matches so well, and has the cutest things.
glasses: Hemingway, jacket: gift, top: Forever21, pants: Forever21, Toms: Journeys, Betsey Johnson purse: Macy's
Okay, who are you? Tell us a little bit about yourself! 
Well, this is usually the first thing I tell people when they ask me that so here it goes: I'm pretty passionate for movies. Like it's almost living and breathing films, but it's not at the point yet! Like seriously, if you want to get to know me; just bring up Quentin Tarantino and I will be your best friend.
It seems like you've been doing this forever! How did you get into fashion? 
I really got into fashion after seeing Breakfast at Tiffany's. I loved every single outfit Holly Golightly wore and it just made me wanna go out and buy a little black dress.
Who are your top 3 fashion icons?
Lana Del Rey, Edie Sedgewick, Audrey Hepburn, and I just have to add in the outstanding Tessa~
Oh my goodness you are so sweet, where do you find most of your inspiration for your outfits? 
My inspiration basically comes from movies, to be honest. One day I can dress up like Cher Horowitz and then the day after I'll have an outfit inspired by Marty McFly.

 I hope you cool cats enjoy her fashion choices as much as I do (and the questions she's so kindly answered)! Look forward to more posts like this in the (near or quite possibly distant) future. Please let me know what you think of this so I can improve in the future! I love all of you rad babes, and I will pray for all of those who have to return to school tomorrow.


  1. oh this is great! I love cass's blouse and leather jacket and your jacket is amazing!

  2. You and Cass are both looking fab! You have the most amazing wardrobe. I saw that jacket at Kohl's a while ago and regretted not buying it, and now seeing how you styled it makes me regret it even more! I hate reverse buyer's remorse haha

  3. Those are som good icons. Cute girls, love her jacket



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