Nov 30, 2013

you don't own me

sweater: Forever21, blouse: vintage, dress (worn as skirt): vintage, tights: JCP, socks: Urban Outfitters, shoes: Doc Martens
The current state of my room (aka A MESSSSS). I've been slaving over tacky christmas ornaments, beads, stockings, and sweaters in order to have enough of the ugliest Christmas sweaters for when I'm working at the Pop Shop festival next month (and also patches, pins, and flower crowns).
 Today I went to another grand Pop Shop festival with Cass (kudos for all the photos below btw) and cute, ol' dad. I bought an aaaaamazing vintage dress and some cute pins, and now I'm even more excited to have my booth at the Winter Wonderland event. We also had the BEST french fries in the world, and took the cutest photo booth pics. Surprisingly I don't have anything else to say about today, because the pictures show how amazing and fun something like this is. Besides the pop shop festival we went to 19th Street and found some wicked cool finds (I got the most beautiful hat in the world, a dress, and some Christmas presents). Overall, it was a fantastic day (with PERFECT weather) to support local businesses and #shopsmall.

I hope everyone had a fun and safe Thanksgiving! (In exciting news: I'll be having a few posts in the next couple of days~)

My current music obsessions is 1960's female singers/groups, and Lesley Gore has turned into my queen~~ I used to be really into this kind of music, and I'm slowly rediscovering everything and it's such a good feeling! I haven't rediscovered anything in a while and wow, it just feels so great, y'know?


  1. oh my goodness your tacky christmas sweaters are to die for- you should run workshops teaching people ur mad skillz <3

  2. OMG !!! really incredible! i love christmas and christmas's trimming! can't wait to wear special jumpers! thank you tessa for the amazing things that i can see on your posts !!! have a nice day

  3. donuts+collar+pearls= <3
    i love taking a peek into these old boxes with books, you can always find something interesting there!
    and your christmas sweaters are amazing!

    weirdoland -

  4. Your room is so cool <3 and I love Lesley Gore : )

  5. These photos are beyond awesome. And I LOVE the skirt (well dress) but its awesome as a skirt. I love doing that haha


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