Nov 20, 2013

watch out, sally!

under-shirt: vintage, sweater: JCP, dress (worn as skirt): vintage, tights: JCP, shoes: UO
I feel so bad, because I've hardly been a part of the internet-sphere in the past few weeks. I realized that due to school I hardly have a sense of time anymore. The other day I thought I hadn't blogged in at least three weeks, but to my dismay it was only one week... Maybe if I wasn't trapped in a (broken) air conditioned building for 8 hours a day my perception of time wouldn't be so skewed. Oh well, I have to accept it and besides I'm almost halfway done with senior year! 

It seems I've done a lot of fun things with my friends, but I never have my camera with me. Also I've been really lost fashionably lately. I've been dressing rather late 80's/early 90's. I can't decide if I like it or hate it, but I NEED a change. Today was the first day in a while where I really loved what I was wearing. I'm on a quest to re-do my wardrobe of bright colors and breath-taking prints. There's some pieces in my closet I plan on never taking out, but I really need some new items. I'm slowly but surely getting back into the sixties and fifties fashion and it feels like a breath of fresh air. I feel this change needs to occur, because the seasons are changing and I can feel myself changing. That might seem really cliche...I don't care though since it's the truth. The weather here in Texas has reflected the way I've been feeling on a day to day basis the past week. One day it will be super cold and it'll make you want to wrap yourself in a blanket with chai tea and netflix. Then the next day it will be so humid that you don't even want to step outside because you know your hair will turn into a terrifying ball of frizz. All I know is that I'm ready for thanksgiving break.

On the bright side I'm happy to announce I will be apart of Houston's Pop Shop Winter Wonderland festival on December 21st! I can't even began to form words for how excited I am for this. I'm already putting together my best vintage pieces and handmade goods for this event. I even purchased the Square Reader for my phone, and I just feel so professional and ready for business. I will admit I'm rather nervous. Just thinking that people won't buy my items makes my stomach turn. In the end I know it will be 100% worth it and I'll love every second.
 latest snail mail from the lovely, Beckaford
 New duds! 
Sequin top: vintage, chartreuse sweater, plaid trousers, pleather skirt: JCP, psychedelic top: Replay/vtg
 My senior photo. It cracks me up, because I still remember how angry I was that day. The photographer and some teachers were trying to tell me I couldn't wear my flower crown, and I got so upset I almost cried. Naturally I refused to take it off, and then continued with the question, "Since when was uniqueness against the rules?" and I asked to see the rule that disallowed flower crowns in senior photos. Obviously they couldn't provide this from any given source, so I took my photo with my flowers. The best part about this was was that my English teacher stood up for me, and told me to not back down and wear that darned crown if it was the last thing I did. So even though I lost hope in some human beings, my lovely teacher restored it quite quickly.
(I apologize for the low-quality photos! I don't have my camera right now so I'm stuck with my trusty iPhone)
 From left to right: The orignal Addams Family set in color, Michal Pudelka, tumblr

latest music obsessions all in one playlist by thevirginsuicides
From left to right: Far From Heaven, Mama Owl Photography, Rookiemag, Flickr
This Fall/Winter (in my opinion) is all about 1960's, Wes Anderson movies, forests, color-coordination, taxidermy, crunchy leaves, soup, tea, feel-good flicks, reading comic books, shopping, knee high socks, oxford shoes, simple make up, bows, spending time with cool cats (aka friends), fur coats, tartan prints, arts n crafts, girl groups (The Shan-gri La's always remind me of Fall!), and of course SWEATERS (if the weather permits).

What's everyone been up to lately? I'd love to hear from ya cool cats!


  1. Ahh, I love your flower crown in your photo. I wish I had something original in my senior photos, but my mom policed my style that day. I still haven't owned a flower crown but I still want one. I'll have to make one for a craft or something in the springtime maybe.

  2. I friggin love that senior photo! Its unique, pretty and has a vintage feel for sure, great job standing up for what you believe in!

  3. Congratulations for sticking through half a year of school already!
    I like your outfit, especially how it has bright summery colours but is still cold-weather-appropriate. Also the belted jumper is great
    Good on you for standing up to the ridiculous rules!
    And to answer your final question, lately I have been counting down to the Doctor Who 50th celebration!!!!!!!!

  4. You are just too presh omg i cant with you ok
    and congrats girl on bringing in some future money with your shop! Cant wait to hear about it :-)
    Latest music obsession? Some Turnover (pop punk??? idk maybe trying to get over an ex) and trust old Billy Joel. What can I say, im a sucker from him.

  5. Ah your senior photo is so cute! I would be too scared to stand up for myself, my mom doesn't let me wear my flower crowns in public and she grimaces every time I wear my juju jellies :/ And if she thinks my outfit looks ridiculous she won't let me out of the house. ugh.


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