Mar 15, 2013

part two: glitter! flowers! rookies! oh my!

First off I'd like to apologize, because my scanner isn't working so I had to just take crummy pictures of the pictures I took in Austin. (PICTURECEPTION WOAAAAH) And here's another instance where I would like to note I am not a photographer I just like recording things and yeah. Enjoy!
 Rookie craft table
 I just make such attractive faces~woo~ Next to me is Elyssa, a Rookie reader I met (she's 13 whaaaat)
 L.M. Strange with strangers
 more strangers
 the lovely L.M. in the rookie abyss
 L.M. again and this really rad chick whose name escapes me (and I feel so bad!!!)
 L.M. and I
 another amazing rookie! (i am so bad with names urghh)
all the amps said "no drink" I found it amusing
 L.M. with Ari, Elyssa, and...a lovely reader (I want to say her name is Lauren but I really don't know. I AM SORRY)
 Mount Moriah
Icky Blossoms!!!
 Urban Outfitters' stage
 Bates Motel on 6th Street
on the side of a hair salon on South Congress
 one of the best vintage stores ever! Room Service Vintage on North Loop
another great store on North Loop- Blue Velvet
 Austin's clear skies on South Congress


  1. god I love these photos...and basically your entire blog to be quite honest xx

  2. omg wow! will be cool to see them if they are ever scanned!:)

  3. oh my god, you look amazing with that majestic flower crown and cool pants!!!

  4. I wish we had Rookie meetups in Boston!

  5. wow your outfit is so groovy ♥

  6. Looks so awesome, wish there was a Rookie meetup where I live! I love all the pictures, but the Bates Motel one is just brilliant. x

  7. omg I LOVE your blog, it's like another world from where I live + dress ect. makes me wanna up sticks and move to the US suburbs :S..


  8. omg I've missed your blog too much and your new header is daa best!!


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