Mar 15, 2013

part one: there's no place like austin

Hey everyone! I just got back from Austin, and it was just so fantastic. The Rookie meet up at Urban Outfitters was so much fun (I even made it on the Rookie Instagram, holla). I met soooo many rad babes and guys, and the live music was FANTASTIC. My favorite band that played is called the Icky Blossoms and they have such a powerful presence on stage. I took lots of pictures, but they haven't been developed, but I'll post them tonight or tomorrow. 
In Austin it's a well known fact that there's a bunch of crazy cats and places to shop. Like, if you feel out of place where you live you probably belong in Austin (or Portland or Europe or anywhere else you don't currently live in- you get my point). I ended up getting a bunch of rad stuff and everything together was less than $100! Which is really awesome, because I expected to spend more.
vintage pictures, stickers, GREASE TRADING CARDS
 my new favorite flower crown I made at the rookie meet up
 seriously some of the best things I've ever bought
 eight dollar shades, floral bell bottoms, turnip tunic
 my disposable camera
 vintage mary janes 
 another flower crown I made, patches, AND A TROLL SKIRT
rookie tote courtesy of Rookiemag and UO

music i listened to in austin/city vibes


  1. Omg I was looking forward to this post. How lucky (: I love the troll skirt by the way. Glad you had a good time! xx

  2. Ahh everything you got looks so awesome!! I saw you on the rookie instagram, looking cute.

  3. Omg the troll skirt looks so cool, trolls are super cute! Looks like you got some neat things :)

  4. That haul looks amazing, pretty jealous of your thrifting skillzz <3

  5. Loving this land of the freaks mix. Perfect for dancing to on those days when you come home from school and you feel like a total freaky outcast.

  6. Holy shit, everything you bought is so divine *.*
    Those pants and those shoes: I'M JELLY!

  7. *____* OMG THAT TROLL SKIRT! ! ! Best thrift find ever!


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