Mar 19, 2013

you can only avoid homework for so long

Hello all! I decided to take pictures of myself because ~vanity~ Actually it's because I'm avoiding my history and physics homework. Dinner is waiting, so this post is pretty short....Oh! I entered a ModCloth contest so feel free to vote for me! (and Emily, Chazz, Kailey, and Nina!) sunglasses: halloween store, crown: ???, jacket: kohls, top: vintage, shorts: thrifted, socks: ???, jewelry: misc. gifts/vintage
 Have a fab week~
movies i've watched the past week: 
The Doom Generation, Reality Bites, and How to Steal a Million


  1. i literally died when i saw those shorts and sunglasses. and AWW your smile :3

  2. gorgeous ensembleeeee! and that book! x

  3. Already voted for you lovely locks! I adore those shorts <3

  4. I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award.
    Those shorts...<3


  5. Aww man you look insane!! (the good insane) Luv your glasses. x


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