Mar 27, 2013

the bed

sweater: forever21, jewelry: vintage/thrifted/diy/etsy, collar: diy, vest: thrifted, skirt:
thrifted, socks & tights: forever21, shoes: urban outfitters
Hey guys! Sorry I haven't been that much lately. I've been soooooo busy with school (all of my teachers think it's a good idea to assign major projects all at once) and theatre (next round of competition tomorrow ahhhh!) Above is what I wore today- I was inspired by Duckie and Andie. I was too tired to get out my tripod so I took all the photos on my bed with my webcam (quality blogger right here). This week has been okay, but I can't wait for it to be over. It seems like negativity has been very contagious, and I hope it ends when the week does. Odd things have happened to me this week. Normally I just get picked on because of my clothing, but apparently believing in equal rights and not believing in gender roles is funny to my "friends." Don't get me wrong, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but if you don't have a reasonable back up for what you believe in- you shouldn't say anything at all. It's all good now, and I know next week will be better!
P.S. I'm working on a few posts that I'm really excited to share (and one of them is a collaboration with Kaki, one of the fashion coordinators at Warby Parker!!!!!!!!)


  1. I absolutely love all your outfits! And I take my pictures with my webcam too, haha, or my iPod, too cheap to buy a tripod ;)

  2. the second pic its to AWWWWW :3

  3. These are cool pics! I like your denim vest so many cool trinkets! And good luck with all the stuff you have on :)


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