Mar 24, 2013

one week

Today I went to the Food Truck Festival in Houston and had the most amazing cupcake ever (almond ricotta rasberry). It was really fun, but it was so windy and cold- I almost died.
my theatre group advanced in the UIL competition! (try to find me. it's so
 difficult~~~ -said in sarcastic tone-)
outfit from a few days ago. hat: gift, top: vintage, necklace, etsy, bracelets: 
thrifted/diy, skirt: vintage, socks: target, shoes: sister's
collage I made a few weeks ago
the most amazing vintage dress ever, vintage wrangler top

two dollar dress, vintage plaid pants
THE BIGGEST RAMONES PATCH EVER. I'm probably going to put it on my leather jacket
new pins: alice cooper, billy murray fan club, the kinks
 made some new bracelets: groovy, poop, tessa, queen bitch
 redecorated some shelfs
 i had a some film strips and i didn't want to throw them away. so yeah
vintage pressed flower frame/container set
P.S. I'm going to be a part of the Do Not Enter Diaries!
My video is going up in April so keep a look out.


  1. One day (maybe) I'm going to make a movie, and I want you on it. You have so much style and personality.

  2. that mushroom dress is diviiiiiine

  3. Ah your outfit is so fantastic. And all those clothes!! Amazing. Also I adore your collage. And your room. Everything!

  4. I wish I was a member of the Bill Murray fan club. You're so cool

  5. your dress and room and vintage finds and collage are so coooool!

  6. You always find the best vintage pieces, so jealous of both dresses! Xx

  7. That dress has the most perfect pattern ever!


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