Jul 5, 2013

hodge podge

 flower crown: diy, necklace: etsy, top: wet seal, skirt: vintage, shoes: thrifted
Since it's the day after Independence Day lots of stores were having great sales! I went to Michaels and got a buuuuuunch of super awesome craft supplies and other stuff (like a $5 disposable camera!!!). The heat has sucked my will to live today which is alright, because tomorrow I get to work at the antique mall (where my antique booth is)!!! I'm really really excited, because it's my first job AND I GET PAID TO BE AROUND ANTIQUES ALL DAY LONG. 
new pins on etsy! And more to come~ If anyone is in a custom pin from me feel free to message me!
fourth of july get-up, I'm in L-O-V-E with these clip on earrings! This fourth of July was really odd for me this year, but it was pretty decent overall. I gorged on BBQ chicken and corn and swam almost all day (until it started raining). I realize that this post is kind of a hodge podge of random things, but hey, not everything has to be organzied. Anywho below is some recent inspiration I've been digging (all from tumblr) so enjoy the pretty pictures! 


  1. awww so cute! and i just LOVE your Hole necklace!

  2. you are just so cool! keep it up. <3

  3. the spock pin is so rad, and your job sounds so cool! :)

  4. The pins are great, especially the spock one!



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