Jul 11, 2013

guess who has a job

hat: vintage, vest: garage sale, top: target, pants: vintage, shoes: bass
super cute patches from Michaels (59 cents a piece!!!)
blueprint of boats blouse, celebrity tank top, cactus blouse
yellow high water pants, ghost vest, face pants
As you can tell from the title of this I finally have a job! I work at the antique mall where my booth is and it's seriously the best thing ever. I've only worked two days so far, and I have met the coolest people ever. Old people are so cute and wonderful! The only downfall is that I'm surrounded by a bunch of antiques I'm even more tempted to buy BUT I AM SURROUNDED BY ANTIQUES. I basically have the best job everrrr. This week has been pretty good for the most part. My dad and I went to see the Houston Symphony perform music by the Rolling Stones. It was was beautifully done. If you were to close your eyes you felt like the real Rolling Stones were right in front of you. THE SINGER SOUNDED JUST LIKE MICK- it was uncanny and slightly unsettling. For the remainder of the week I'm going to be hanging out with Cass (it's her birthday today! Go wish her a happy birthday~~~), and I'm super excited! Another thing I'm pumped for is next Thursday and Friday because my dad and I are going to East Texas and Lafayette, LA to go thrifting and eat yummy pie and other southern food (actually he's on a business trip and i'm just tagging along lol). So all if good in the land of Tessa. Until next time~
p.s. check out my new stuff on the pulp zine!


  1. I got that same ice cream cone patch for my new jacket!! also your outfit is sooo cute xxxxxxx

  2. Ooh congratulations on the job! So glad to hear that you antique booth is up and running. It looks and sounds brilliantly fab - would visit in a second if I was in the area :)

  3. That Ghost vest is too perfect! I have an Elvis vest

  4. i love the patches, they're so cute

  5. you are so lucky, I'd love to have an antique booth! I'd love to visit yours but unfortunately texas is kinda far away :( also, perfect outfit as always <3


  6. I'm so jealous, I need a job desperately!!!

  7. That waistcoat is to die for! I love your quirky style-the checkered trousers are so cool!


  8. beautiful pictures :)
    would you like to follow each other?


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