Jun 8, 2015

the song is over

Howdy, strangers!
my outfit:
vintage scarf
thrifted shirt
Forever21 skirt
Forever21 tights
thrifted shoes
Cass' outfit:
Kohls jacket
vintage dress
Forever21 boots
I don't really have an excuse for why haven't been posting. I guess I've been figuring out what I want and don't want in my life. It's not much of an excuse but that's all I got. It's like a bubble of negative energy always seems to follow me. I try to ignore and stay positive, but it's not as easy as it sounds. So far I really hate driving. I'm not that good at it either because my anxiety leaves me tense and in a constant mode of panic. It's okay though. I have to do this and I will get through it like everything else. When it comes to my outfits, I haven't been too crazy at all. I miss it a lot but it just isn't worth it sometimes because of the weather. And I usually just go to work and I have to wear mainly black and white. I've also done something a little new with my hair. When I was re-dyeing it I was inspired by my favorite bubble bar, ultraviolet. That being said, my hair is now a dark purple with dark blue roots and a hidden section of green in the back. Now I'm just waiting to grow out my hair. It's funny because I never thought I would miss it but I really do! You never appreciate something until it's gone I guess. On the bright side, I plan to post on here more again.


  1. your hair looks fab Tessa! sending you lots of posi vibes for your driving. Obviously you want to be alert on the road but it sucks that things aren't exactly coming together
    I love all these photos btw, the record player reminds me of Wes Anderson movies <3


  2. Seriously loving your hair - it looks amazing! I was the same way with my hair - once I chopped it all off, I immediately pined for it back. That's just the curse of having hair though I think. I hope you don't stress or worry too much, because you seriously have all the time in the world to decide what you want to do with your life and stuff. My mom didn't realize she wanted to be an author until she was 45! So in the meantime, just do the things you love and enjoy spending time with those you love. It'll all come to you in time, don't worry :) I'll be sending good vibes your way though! (p.s. driving is the worst)

  3. I'm sorry to hear you've been feeling so down. I can relate to this entry, I've been having similar feelings myself. I used to hate driving when I started too, to the point where it gave me actual panic attacks but now I drive all over the country without thinking twice about it. You truly do reach a point with it where it suddenly clicks and you start to relax about it and then suddenly it becomes second nature :)
    I hope you begin to feel better, sending positive vibes your way <33

  4. I was wondering where you'd gone! I hope you're ok (or at least starting to feel more ok then you were <3)
    I'm also loving the hair :) It really suits you!


  5. You and Cass seriously look so perfect in these pictures. Love it.

  6. Your hair is so perfect, don't worry! And love the backdrop in these photos, the LP records are great props.

  7. you're hair is aMAZing!!!
    bella xx


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