Oct 29, 2012

spooky vibes #1

jumper: old navy, top: vintage, shoes: urban outfitters/diy

slowly creeping into the halloween spirit

barrette: walgreens, ring: gift

So I decided last minute I didn't have enough colour in my outfit so I safety pinned roses to my shoes (pardon the blurry picture)
I'm getting super excited for Halloween this year and I feel like one day is simply not enough! So I celebrate it all week by gorging on candy, and wearing outfits louder than usual. Today was sort of boring compared to what I have planned throughout the week, but I felt like I just creep into it so I don't scare anyone out of their pants (unless it's ryan gosling ;D). It's funny that I'm so excited about Halloween this year, because it's the first time I don't have plans for the event. What are you spooky people up to this week?

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