Oct 31, 2012

spooky vibes #3

[aww my mom is so cute ♡]
[L.M. draws so good. it isn't fair]

[feminist rant]

hat: etsy, shirt: thrifted, bowtie: gift, skirt: forever21, tights: party city(?),
shoes: diy/urban outfitters, purse: thrifted
HAPPY HALLOWEEN! [aka the best holiday ever] So today I spent the day with a great friend of mine, L.M. and my wonderful mom. We felt it to be appropriate to eat at Baker St. Pub & Grill because it's a Sherlock Holmes themed pub with ah~mazing food. Afterwards we got frozen yogurt [where I discovered Taro flavor] and talked about feminism. The night will be topped off with lots of candy eating and watching Boris Karloff movies. Golly, today was such a good day.
What're you crazy cats up to on Halloween this year?


  1. I went to a haunted house at the union (actually pretty scary!), then me & some friends went to 6th street for some people watching. Saw a lot of half assed costumes, but the good ones totally made up for it! My only regret is not getting a picture with this guy that had an AWESOME Hunter S. Thompson getup. But at least I got compliments on my Wonder Woman costume :)
    Happy Halloween Tessa!

    1. I was invited to a haunted house actually, but you couldn't pay me a million dollars to go in one. I don't like being scared (and yet I love halloween?). And it's impossible NOT to love your wonder woman costume <3


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