Oct 1, 2012

Appreciation Society: The Bat Cave

I don't know about you guys, but for the longest time when I heard the words obsession or infatuation I think "oh god, it's one of those kind" Now I've realized that if you aren't infatuated or obsessed with anything you are quite boring. Even if you're obsessed with finishing your homework- it's better than nothing. I've come to accept the fact that I am deeply infatuated with flowers, vintage clothing, rock n roll music from the 1950s/60s, vinyl, and sparkly things (and probably a bunch of other things that I can't think of right now). My mom calls my room the bat cave because I spend most of my time in it. I don't do it on purpose, but I'm surrounded by everything I love when I'm in it (it just happens to be a perfect name for my room).

taken by L.M. Strange
 my record oasis
so i really dig the rolling stones and one day i was like, "hey i should cover this here cubby with pictures of the stones" and i did just that
mass collection of dvds, books, comic books, shoes (that i need to go through)

i think i have too much shoes...
 the best thing in the entire world: my record player, Alfred
 a portion of my teeny closet (no seriously my closet is so small i can't move in it)
 vintage pictures and cds
 this is where the magic happens (and when i say magic i mean blogging)
 my desk: the walls are nearly covered from top to bottom in pictures of old and pretty things
my jewelry box. i guess i have a ring obsession, too...
Believe it or not, but my room doesn't contain all of my passions/obsessions/whatever you want to call them. I just like a lot of stuff, okay (says in an over emotional voice)? I'm sorry let me just go away forever and live in my room where I get room service and record music, and live my life the way I want. Actually no, I think I would go insane if I did that. But anyways, here's some more pretty pictures to look at.


I always love hearing what people are fascinated by, because even if I don't like the stuff they do, I just love seeing people get excited about their passions. So what're you guys obsessed with? pizza, shoes, candy, taylor swift? drop a comment below if you're feeling crazy.


  1. Wow, your blog and your room is just perfect!
    / http://www.lindbloms.devote.se

  2. i love your room! i wish mine was like yours... :)
    i'm obsessed with the sixties and vinyl too, but i'm also very fond of the seventies and i adore the who!


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