Nov 24, 2012

what the heck is in that closet? vol.1 (new finds and inspiration)

exotic cat patch: etsy, random trinkets: goodwill grab bag, parka: urban outfitters (an early christmas present, because it's cold in texas for only a few months), dress: vintage, boots: thrifted, oxfords: urban outfitters,  joni mitchell, johnny cash, the rolling stones(!!!), ray charles records: garage sale, wayne & garth pins: DIY

current fashion inspiration: Phoebe Buffay (F.R.I.E.N.D.S) Not only is she extremely fashionable but her quotes are quite inspirational. I was never a fan of 90's fashion until I started watching friends, and know I wish I had Phoebe's whole wardrobe. I feel like her character was loosely based off of me (just saying). all pictures from here and here.


  1. So pretty, I especially love that pink dress. And Phoebe is wonderful.

  2. Love the Wayne's World pins, and that parka is awesome! Nice oxfords too!


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