Nov 27, 2012

under the (fashion) influence

Hello all! So on tumblr the other day this lovely anonymous send me an ask saying "may i make a blogspot post suggestion? perhaps your main fashion icons/style icons. not just current ones, but the chicks who really got you into the mod style :)" and of course I couldn't say no! Actually, it's a genius idea and I'm so stoked to have requests now, so thank you, anon. Believe it or not, but I have a lottttt of influences and I'm still being influenced by a ton of bloggers, vintage folk, art, etc. Enjoy, you fine people! (i love exclamation points! they!are!just!great!okay i'm done! now im done)

1.) The Who
I got into The Who because I love Queen and I read that they really liked the who (along with the jimi hendrix experience and the beatles) so i decided to check them out. now, they're my favorite band! This was the first time i was exposed to the mod target and I fell in love instantly. THUS A MOD WAS BORN.

2.) Twiggy Lawson
I can honestly say I found her by accident via tumblr, and i fell in love. In the 60's she was such a doll (and still is!!), and i adored her style and the fact that she ate so much food and didnt loose weight. go gurl. She modeled for all the great designers/photographers. One was Mary Quant...

3.) Mary Quant
Let's face it: she's God! She invented the go-go boots, hot pants, and mini skirts. Those are three of my favorite things EVER. Plus she was best friends with Vidal Sassoon- who was indeed the best hairstylist in the world.

4.) Batman (1960's)
Okay first off the series was so cheesy and colorful, what's not to love!? Everyone just looked so fab in this show, urgh. Especially Yvonne Craig (Batgirl) and Julie Newmar (Cat Woman). Let's face it: they were stylish bad ass babes. (also robin's catch phrases are the best)

5.) Edie Sedgwick
Like Twiggy, I came across Edie via tumblr on accident. She lived a troubled life, but golly did she look great! I adore her make up and clothing, and she was just a star.

6.)Nylon Magazine
Last Decemeber I bought my first Nylon magazine, and it was beatles/mod themed. It's all these modern actors/musicians/artists dressed in mod fashion and i can't describe my love for this magazine (it'd look like this: asdfghjk). I always turn to it when I'm stumped for outfit ideas.

7.)Noel Fielding
An actor, an artist, a babe. This man is so intriguing it should be a crime. He was the one to introduce me to chelsea boots and now i can't get my hands off them! He was in a show called the Mighty Boosh and there was an episode where his character, Vince goes mod. It's probably my favorite episode, because they get stuck in a jungle and get saved by mod wolves (yes wolves in suits my friends).

8.) Marianne Faithful
Not only was she Mick Jagger's lover, but she knew how to dress. Marianne was the first woman I ever saw pull off a suit and ugly sunglasses. I just adore this woman and it may be possible that she's my real mom but it's on the down low.

10.) Pretty in Pink
Anyone who isn't inspired by this movie is a sad excuse as a human being. Duckie is so amazing and I wish I had a friend like him because he is so silly and adorable and perfect. Andy (Molly Ringwald) is so innovative with her clothing (EVEN THOUGH SHE CUTS UP THAT PERFECT PROM DRESS but whatever she still looked bitchin') and I can relate to her a lot.

11.) Pop art
I don't really know how to describe this one, but it's super influential in my fashion sense

12.) Archie Comics
So I've read this bad boys since I was a kid and I was always jealous or Veronica's wardrobe (and sometimes Betty's). I would not put down an offer if she wanted to give me all of her clothing, just saying.


  1. That's a very good idea anonymous person!! Yup I am still loving Archie comics, I think mainly because they remind me of my childhood! Also yes to Mary Quant, recently read her book! Awesome post!!

  2. Hey! Just wanted to let you know I gave you the Liebster Blog Award:


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