Nov 20, 2012

my heart goes boom boom boom

I just discovered Miss Li, and I am in love! Not only is she super adorable, but her voice is wicked good. All the pictures above are from her video My Heart Goes Boom, but what I still can't believe is that it's from this year! (only five months ago) This video is perfect in every way from the very beginning. The kids turning on the tv and the Cream record in the background, then the intro of Miss Li like it's Top of the Pops, THEN THE GO GO DANCERS, and even the guitarist with no shoes just makes the whole thing perfect. I've been grooving on her tunes (via spotify) all night, and I highly recommend her if you like old music (it's really hard not to like old music so....). She even does a cover of Good Morning (from Singin' in the Rain)~ This woman is incredible, and now I want to make a red rose flower crown in honor of her. It's really sad though...she only tours in Europe *cries* 
I don't want to leave on a sad note, and the other day my great friend, L.M. Strange and I hung out and took some fab pictures because she is a fab photographer. I'm so happy that Thanksgiving Break is a whole week off now! I've never needed a break as much as I have this week. Even though Europeans gave the Natives smallpox (and lots of other awful unnamable things) we still get a week off to celebrate it to go shopping and eat lots of food that wasn't around in the colonial era. To all my American readers: Have a happy Thanksgiving! Go eat turkey and be merry and try to avoid awkward family conversations. 

last five photos by lmstrange


  1. You're adorable! Love the pictures.

  2. Great post and blog!!The video frames and the photoshoot you did is very inspiring!
    I love the white dress you are wearing in the last picture, it's lovely!

  3. Oh Miss Li! I've seen her live a number of times here in Sweden, she is so lovely.
    But actually I didn't know that she was known in other countries as well!


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