Nov 13, 2012

living in the sunlight, loving in the moonlight

I don't know if it's just me, but vintage couples from the fifties and sixties are the cutest thing ever. If I ever get a boyfriend, I hope it'll be as grand as the photos above (I want a significant other to dance with, drink milkshakes with, and listen to records with). I'm not stressed about getting a boyfriend, and it surprises me how many people think they need one. Wow guys, way to be independent. Anyways, vintage couples seem like an obsession here to stay. Which I'm okay with, just look how cute the couples are. ♡ Besides vintage couples I've been gawking over Lana Del Rey's music. She's very modern, but you can tell she's influenced by older music, and she is just really fantastic. And her music videos are absolutely stunning. She is one cool cat, for sure. Have a good week, eat your vegetables, brush your teeth, don't talk to strangers.

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