Nov 4, 2012

DIY: Recycling vintage clothing

What you're going to need:

  • a piece of vintage clothing (or not vintage, it really doesn't matter)
  • fabric scissors
  • needle/thread OR sewing machine
  • straight pins
  • measuring tape (optional)
  • pencil/chalk
First step: Put on your garment. Mark with the pencil or chalk (you could also use a straight pin/safety pin) where you want to shorten/alter (which could be the sleeves/legs/waist/skirt). 

Second step: take off garment and lay it on a flat surface. Find the marks you made and draw a line from one end to the fabric to the other. This is where the measuring tape might come in handy. I didn't use it, because I'm a [stupid] rebel, but I would recommend it so you don't get frustrated and your garment is all slanted and gross (unless you want it to be slanted).
Third step: Time to start cutting! Get your scissors, and get ready for one of the most nerve-wracking tasks ever: cutting in a straight (or perfectly curved) line. Make sure you go slow and be patient with yourself. I know it's exciting altering clothing, but you want it to end up looking nice.

Fourth step: Now it's time for my least favorite part! Get out your straight pins and start pinning the hems. This step is fairly easy, you just need to make sure the hem is even all the way around (ironing can help!).
Fifth step: Whip out that sewing machine (or needle/thread. I would recommend the machine if you have one it saves A LOT of time) and start sewing! Be careful and make sure your stich is pretty and straight all the way around.
What?! You're already done? Yeah, it's that simple. Happy sewing ♡


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