Oct 18, 2014

cult leader

♥ Forever21 crop top ♥ gifted belt ♥ thrifted jeans ♥ Blue Velvet sunglasses ♥ thrifted saddle shoes ♥ Modcloth bag ♥ Claire's phone case ♥
Today I actually had some free time, and instead of doing my homework, I walked around the park with one of my friends, and actually got to dress up. It was so freaking hot outside and I immediately regretted wearing jeans, but whatever~ I'm sad to say I haven't been dressing up a lot lately due to the heat and classes, but hopefully that will change soon! I just need this weather to cooperate with me, you know?
Recently I was sent sent a Kohl's eyebrow kit to try out, and I finally got to photograph it! Although I really love how dark I can get my brows with it, I wasn't fond of the texture it leaves. I can't rub my eyebrows at all without getting some of the make up on my hand, and that doesn't even happen with my dollar store eyebrow make up. So if you never touch your eyebrows it's a pretty good kit to invest in, but I wouldn't get it again unfortunately.
How was the beginning of Fall been for everyone? Leave a comment below to let me know!

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  1. this outfit is so cute! sorry if you've answered this before, but what are you majoring in at uni?

    1. Thank you! My major is technical theatre with a concentration in costume design~

  2. Really, I know what you mean. Here in Australia it gets so damn hot that some days I just can't bear to dress up. Love your outfit here though, that I have to say is the cutest crop top I've ever seen and it looks fabulous with those jeans, if it was boiling hot.


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