Oct 19, 2014

50 percent off

♥ DIY bat clip ♥ Kohl's necklace ♥ vintage dress ♥ thrifted shoes ♥
Oh my goodness, hello everyone! I have been slacking so much lately, and I am so so sorry. I just got done doing costume crew for Rent, and that literally took up all my free time (plus I had to wear all black so I looked really boring for a week). But I promise I'm slowly but surely getting back into the hang of blogging- minus the fact that my camera has died and I can't find the charger...(it might be at home but I don't know.) Anyways, as you can tell from the last post and this one, I am orange now! I felt like it was really appropriate to do for the season, and I'm actually really happy how it came out. I was really afraid of what it would do with my pink hair, but I figured a way to get most of the pink out and ta-da (the secret is Lush's "BIG" shampoo)! The best thing about my orange hair is that I can wear red tops again, because with pink it just looked really bad. 
It's still really hot outside, but I'm making the best of it. I just can't wait to wear scarves and boots, okay!? I'm not too overwhelmed with homework right now, so it's pretty nice. I'm just soooo done with most of my classes and I can't wait for this semester to be over with. On the bright side, I've been acting in a few graduate theatre directing scenes, and I'm also going to be in a student's show, so that's good! But yes, overall, this semester needs to end already.
Below I've conjured up some of my biggest inspirations lately. Which is really funny, because my outfit above doesn't match this at all, haha. Although my taste seems to change each day, I've mainly been into pale blues, pumpkins, heels- shoes in general, mom jeans, and lingerie. So I hope you cool kitties enjoy the photos as much as I do! (and look forward to thigh-high boot inspo pics)
A moodboard I made for a photo shoot that I did this morning, that will be on The Pulp Zine later this month. (most photos can be found on rookiemag or tumblr)
  Natasha Lillipore // Mac Demarco // tumblr
 Natasha Lillipore // unknown // Yves St. Laurent
Mac Demarco // Natasha Lillipore // Mom Jeans


  1. your moodboards are perfect as always <3



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