Dec 19, 2012

what the heck is in that closet? vol.2

SIX DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS I AM EXCITED. (even though it's 80 degrees right now, urghhh)
andy warhol pop box: etsy, sweater, dress: value village, pants: forever21, clear handbag: childhood (recently just re-found), scarf: gift (it's so neat it's sky blue fading to light blue), shoes: goodwill, jacket: my great aunt's, krampus shirt: 6dollarshirts 

silver platforms (that are too small and expensive *cries*), teen idle clips (sold *cries more*), barbie disco record player (sold *sobbing*), ice cream sandwich dress (out of my budget *gross sobbing*)

I LOVE CHRISTMAS VIBES AND ALL CAPS CANNOT BEGIN TO EXPLAIN MY EXCITEMENT. I'm also really excited because a few friends and I are throwing a winter promcoming dance next week. MORE INDESCRIBABLE EXCITEMENT.

(all vibe pictures from tumblr under "vintage christmas" tag)
It's that time of year where I always have a crush on someone, but hey life goes on and I'm cool with it. (what do you do with a boyfriend anyways? do you feed it? do you have to pay a fee? i don't even know) Anyways, enjoy this playlist.

something i want to tell you - the small faces dream a little dream of me - the mamas and the papas crimson and clover - joan jett and the blackhearts i'm a lover not a fighter - the kinks only you - the platters i wanna be your man - the beatles girl's eyes - the who the flirt - shirley and lee think of you - bleached


  1. I was going to buy the Andy Warhol pop box but then I thought what am I going to do with a ticket to the Andy Warhol museum when I live a gazillion miles away. Anyway I love your blog and your tumblr ♥

  2. Oh my god that barbie record player is SUPER COOL. And that blue sweater is divine.

  3. Omg, Tessa, I know. What does one do with a boyfriend? The Andy Warhol Pop Box looks so cool too!

  4. Betty Spaghetti was amazing! I remember having that doll as well. Anyways, great post! Pictures of your room never seem to fail me, it always looks great!

  5. I totally had that salmon striped 60's dress! I think I just got rid of it! Love it belted.


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